positive thinking
positive thinking

If your answer is not a resounding “Yes!”, then it’s about time you thought about choosing happiness. It may be a cliché, but happiness really is a choice. You may say you’d be happier if you had more money, were promoted, had more friends, travelled more, etc. You assume that if you were successful, you’d be happier.

But studies reveal that it’s actually the other way around -- happiness fuels success! When you choose to be happy, you become more creative, more energetic, more productive and generally healthier!

Just look at these benefits of choosing to be happy:

  1. Happy people are more productive at work. When you are happy, you feel good, have more energy and become more focused. In effect, you work smarter and tend to produce great results!

  2. Happy people feel more satisfied with their jobs and life in general. Happiness is contagious too so you tend to attract more positive people. In effect you become more confident and generally have good relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

  3. Happy people are healthier. Sure, you’ve heard this before, but who can argue with science? It has been proven that happy people have a stronger immune system, have better emotional health, have more energy and strength and therefore live longer lives! 

  4. Happy people can counter the negative effects of stress. Positive thoughts and emotions are stronger in happy people so it’s easier to combat negative feelings and stress. When you are happy, your body produces endorphins and other chemicals that help your body repair and heal on its own. Isn’t that amazing?

  5. Happy people improve themselves and attract success. When you feel good about yourself and your ability to do things in life, you tend to use positive self-talk and affirmations which push you forward into the life you want for yourself. Happiness allows you to chase your dreams and make them happen!

So just remember that despite the occasional bad days, work stress and useless worry, you have the power to get rid of those feelings by choosing to be happy. If things are not so good right now, take a moment to breathe, count your blessings and think happy thoughts. Be happy. And everything will fall into place. 

Posted by CastMedic Designs on 12/06/13 at 09:58 AM