the healing power of fashion

It’s hard to believe, but close to 4 million people a year in the U.S. are put in (very) unattractive medical boots. With a foot, ankle, or lower leg break or injury, there is usually a short stint in a fun, bright colored hard cast. Most kids actually like the attention of a bright cast and having all of their friends sign it. It eases the initial pain and frustration of being in a cast. It’s fun! Unfortunately, after a few weeks, the doctor cuts it off and all those fun memories become a heap of plaster in the trash.
The worst part actually comes next. The doctor then usually moves the patient to a walking medical boot for more mobility and faster rehabilitation.  That can last anywhere from four to eight weeks. Good news for the patient in terms of being able to move around quicker when the boot comes off. Bad news for the patient in that they’re now stuck in an ugly boot for a month or two.
Honestly, who in the world wants to walk around in a robotic looking boot? Certainly not kids, and especially not teenagers!
A big problem that doctors face is that the boot is removable. It’s probably a safe assumption to say that there aren’t many teenagers who have keep their medical boot on the entire treatment period. As soon as they are comfortable enough to walk, they ditch the boot. This can have major long-term implications and result in re-injury or even worse, permanent damage. So, how do you keep a rebellious tween/teen following “Doctor’s Orders” and stay in the boot the entire time to promote healing? 
You make the medical boot fun! 

What could possibly make a kid/tween/teen want to stay in their medical boot? How about if it looked like an Ugg Boot? Or what if their friends could sign it in such a way that they could keep it as a memento? Or they could put buttons on the boot that showed off their sports, hobbies, or things they liked?
CastMedic Designs offers 58 styles of fashion accessories for medical boots including faux fur cuffs, flowers, and themed buttons.  Kids can be fashionable, whimsical, and wear buttons that show off their personalities.  Strap-It Flowers and Click-It Buttons also have pin-backs and/or alligator clips for after-injury use.
Having an injury has never been more fun! 
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Posted by CastMedic Designs on 12/19/13 at 09:32 PM