the healing power of fashion

We all have those days when we feel like our minds are too cluttered. When this happens, we feel more stressed and often daydream about going away for a couple of days.  While that sounds like a very good idea, there are other alternatives that don’t involve packing your bags or spending a lot.

Here’s something to consider: instead of a weekend getaway, how about a little redecorating at work? Whether you’re an office worker or a work at home mom, take a good look at your workspace. How’s your desk looking at the moment?

Our desk is the place we spend the majority of our time every week. There’s always room for improvement and a little rearranging, don’t you think?

Redecorating can be very therapeutic, not to mention can give you a fresh, new perspective! Working in a new and improved, green workspace can do wonders for your mind, body and the planet!

So why not take steps to green and de-clutter your workspace? Here are some of the things you can do to green and liven up your work area – and eventually de-clutter your mind:

Decide which items to keep and toss.

Clear the clutter – papers, envelopes, old receipts, used scribble pads, candy wrappers, etc. When you clean out your desk drawers for example, take out some old shoeboxes and label them “for recycling” and “give away.” Place items from your drawers in the appropriate boxes as you go through all your other stuff.  

Add plants.

This is perhaps the quickest, simplest way to liven up your workspace. Putting a plant or two on your desk or anywhere near your work area will help purify the air and prettify the office environment instantly! There are plenty of great office plants. The Peace Lily, for example, makes a great air cleaner and is the perfect size for the cubicle desktop!

Replace office supplies.

There’s nothing like giving your desk a new look with new office supplies. We’re not encouraging spending a lot on staplers, penholders and sticky notes, but maybe you can “upgrade” your old, worn out supplies with some environmentally friendly versions. It’s so great that there are now many eco-friendly versions, from green writing instruments, stationery, envelopes, and notebooks to computer paper. Stock your office space with all the green supplies you need.

Switch to reusable mugs.

Ok, it’s been said before but we’ll say it again. Styrofoam and plastic cups take a hundred years to break down in landfills. Make that green switch by taking your own reusable coffee mug to work. For water and cold drinks, get one of those cool eco water bottles. They come in different colors and designs so pick one that expresses your personality! After all, your mugs and water bottles are part of your office décor – they’re a staple in your office desk!

Switch to smaller trashcans.

Yes, you read that right. Switching to a smaller trash can will encourage you to think twice before you toss, thus helping you to recycle more. Take away the luxury of conveniently tossing away things because of a large waste-basket. It will take a while to get used to, but it’s a great green habit to cultivate.  

Green your office lights.

Office lighting can suck up a lot of energy, so do what most green newbies are doing today -- switching out conventional light bulbs and replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs. This will initially cost slightly more money, but over time, this translates into real savings for you because CFLs use way less energy.
Our office space is the place we call home for the better part of the day so let’s do as much as we can to keep it conducive to productivity and friendlier to the planet. With a savvy green workspace, we can definitely say goodbye to stress! 

Posted by CastMedicDesigns on 10/17/13 at 09:35 AM