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Life was so much simpler back then. You love the convenience that technology has brought into your life, but while it continues to amaze you, it also contributes to everyday stress.
As a professional, you are prone to burnout and overload.  Just think about all the roles you have to play and the tools you use every day! In order to enhance productivity and creativity at work, you know you need to recharge.
There are many ways to recharge of course, and we’re pretty sure you have your own list of favorite things to do. Recharging is all about taking time off, having a new perspective, and in effect, working smarter.  It is about taking control of technology, (and not the other way around) and saying no to interruptions. Whether we decide to take a short break or a sabbatical, recharging allows us to rethink our present situation and find ways to make it better. Here’s a list of things you can do in order to recharge:

Take a Walk

When you feel emotionally drained at work or dead tired, take a walk and clear your head. Let your mind wander and think relaxing thoughts. Think happy thoughts. You know you cannot perform at your best when you are stressed, so let a short walk clear your head. You can then go back to the task with renewed strength and vigor.

Travel – With Friends!

Most of us have at least 2 full weeks off per year from work. Take advantage of this time to schedule a fabulous holiday! Think SATC girls getaway to Abu Dhabi. Do absolutely nothing that is work related. We highly recommend an all-girl getaway, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re taking your honey or your kids with you. Having fun, laughing until your stomach hurts and forgetting responsibilities for a moment will recharge you better than anything!

Enroll in a Yoga Class

The daily grind can wear down even the most resilient working woman. Instead of a weekend getaway, why not try a yoga class? Yoga has proven to be great for stress. In fact millions of people all over the world practice it. A weekly practice can be amazing for your mind and body!

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

A relaxing facial and a comforting massage – definitely great ways to recharge!  If travel is not an option and you just want something done in an hour or two, then treat yourself to the spa or get a luxurious beauty treatment. Why, a new hair style or color, a foot scrub or a hot stone massage can work wonders for you! Remember, the most important thing is to take time away from work so you can recharge and refocus. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, as long as you take a break from the stresses of your work life. You’ll find that even a short time away can help increase your productivity, widen your perspective and better your attitude!

Tell us, how do you recharge? 

Posted by CastMedic Designs on 11/26/13 at 09:04 AM