the healing power of fashion

There are days when deadlines seem never-ending or the kids are sick. When you’re a working a mom, sometimes both can happen at the same time. You wish for the weekend and it’s only Tuesday! You want to de-stress and crave some serious R&R, but where can you find the time for pampering in the middle of the week? Actually, there are a few quick fixes that would lessen your exhaustion when a whole day at the spa is impossible.

Here are some surprisingly simple de-stressing ideas that won’t take but a few minutes of your time:
Spritz on your favorite scent. If you love the scent of relaxing lavender or you want a citrusy lemon to perk up your mood, it will take only a few seconds to rub aromatherapy oil or spray scent on your elbows, temples, or the back of your neck and enjoy the aroma before you slip under the covers. It will make you feel pampered before you drift off to sleep.

Brush your hair. Yes, brushing your hair is a soothing activity. It helps you stop stressful thoughts as you get into the soothing and repetitive movement of brushing your hair. It is pretty much like the feel of soothing fingers running through your hair.

Hydrate your skin. You can hydrate your insides by drinking water and you can spray your face with a cooling face mist. A fresh cucumber-scented face mist will instantly make you feel good and freshen stale office air.

Turn your shower into a relaxing ritual. If you’re a shower buff, make your next one not the usual hurried routine. It will only take a few extra minutes to make showering a pampering activity. Don’t reach for drying soaps. Indulge in a creamy and luxurious shower gel and use a scented shower infuser. Pat yourself dry with the softest bath sheet you can find. It’s like being transported to a spa!

Sleeping in during a weekend or getting a long, therapeutic massage is not always possible for most busy women. But you can always take a few minutes to be kind to yourself with these little pampering techniques.

Posted by CastMedicDesigns on 08/27/13 at 10:46 AM