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We have a challenge for the women of today: wear shoes that don’t hurt the environment.

If you knew what goes into the production of shoes, then you’d definitely agree that the average shoe is far from eco-friendly.  

As women, we have to admit we have a weakness for beautiful shoes and some of us have even pay a lot just to get that perfect pair. While we are aware of the existence of vegan, eco-friendly shoes in the market today, few of us truly realize the heavy impact the shoe industry has on our planet.

The typical shoe uses toxic glues, virgin plastic, and the majority of its materials come from animal products. And it’s not only the environment that is harmed, people too, are in danger. Did you know that plastic shoes are a killer? One study found the presence of phthalates in them and they can harm the reproductive systems of women shoe makers! Needless to say, its production is wreaking havoc on both our health and the environment.  

This is why we believe that women, being at the forefront of change and a major contributor in worldwide shoe sales, need to take a lighter footstep.

Thanks to eco-friendly shoe manufacturers, we can now lower our carbon footprint, and have more options for shoes. Buying eco-friendly shoes is definitely a great way to help the environment, while at the same time helping improve the quality of life for both workers and consumers. At CastMedic Designs, we’re all for eco-friendly shoes because:

  • We are able to support eco shoe manufacturers incorporate animal rights, sustainability and fair labor practices into their design.
  • We promote conscious awareness of the USDA label when purchasing shoes. In order to be officially labeled organic, companies must comply with USDA standards. 
  • We support eco-friendly farming practices and the use of materials grown and produced without chemicals. 
  • We believe in shoe companies pushing for 100% sustainability and strongly support their cause. 
  • We love the fact that eco shoe companies use recycled yarn or bamboo, organic cotton, woven jute, old tires, old carpet padding, recycled bike inner tubes, discarded water bottles and more. How creative is that? 

We are constantly searching for a great selection of eco-friendly, vegetarian and vegan shoes. Eco-friendly shoe companies like Naya Shoes and Toms Shoes are just a few you might want to check out. By going natural in your footwear choices, you literally take a lighter footstep. 

Posted by CastMedicDesigns on 10/15/13 at 09:24 AM