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Summer is always a good excuse to glam up your nails. Those pretty summer sandals deserve nothing less than glamorous toes peaking out of them and your fingernails should complement those darling summer dresses!

With so many nail colors to choose from, the challenge is which shade do you pick to keep your nails looking their best this summer? Depending on your personality, mood or the kind of style statement you want to make, there is a fabulous color perfect for you!

Here are some of this season’s nail color trends to give you ideas:

• Bright Colors. From the color of Sunkist to electric blue, these hot colors look great on tanned skin. And, you’ll be glad to know that orange is definitely in this summer.

• Pastels. For those who lovely softer shades and feminine hues, baby pink is still a classic in nail color. If you want to stray from the classic pinks, a sky blue shade will definitely match the sunny summer weather.

• Neon. For those who are not afraid of really bright shades, try the neon version of your favorite color. Pink polishes have a neon version. So do green, yellow, and a lot of other colors.

• Metallic. Silver is definitely hot this summer. Anything metallic always seem sexy and glamorous. Make sure you paint those nails carefully because reflective colors emphasize flaws. The best option is to have your nails professional done.

• Beige. Really. This classic color is always in style. In fact, it’s a nice neutral to complement those colorful summer dresses and the very in-style beige shoes.

Does choosing the right summer nail color seem mind-boggling to you? It doesn’t have to be. Experts say that just like choosing makeup, go for the color that best suits your skin tone. Or, just take a hint from what summer is all about. It’s a time to have fun, relax, and enjoy. Just pick the color that matches your mood and cheers you up. After all, summer is the season to relax and have fun!

Posted by CastMedicDesigns on 08/22/13 at 09:47 AM