the healing power of fashion

If your feet are a constant pain in your life, take a moment to look at the shoes you are wearing.

Have you heard the story about that woman at a party in Cannes who approached shoe designer Christian Louboutin and yelled “Your shoes are killing me! Make them more comfortable!”?

We applaud her brazenness, and we totally get her point! Who doesn’t love a great pair of shoes but at what cost?

How many of us wear sky-high heels to work or to parties? Our poor, tender, abused and ignored feet are constantly battling with shoes and sometimes we don’t even know it… until it’s too late.

Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE shoes. In fact, just like many women out there, our knees turn to jelly and our eyes sparkle at the sight of beautiful shoes. We love looking at them, buying them and wearing them, but do we really need to be teetering dangerously on those three or four inch heels to look sexy or pulled together? We love shoes, but we need to love our feet more, so comfort should be on top of style. After all, our feet carry our entire body weight – that’s a lot of work!

If your feet have constantly been a pain in your life, take a moment to look at the shoes you are wearing. Do you spend most days wearing high heels? Do your shoes really fit well?

The Skinny on Stilletos
It’s funny how we all know that high heel shoes and improperly fitted shoes cause heel pain, deformed toes, nerve damage and aggravate bunions – yet we still keep wearing them.

The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society advises women to wear shoes with a height of no more than two and a quarter inches – but never for an entire day. Shoes this high (or more) should be worn no more than 2 or 3 hours a day.

Most of us do not know that wearing heels frequently for long periods of time can actually shorten our Achilles tendon and cause a loss in the range of motion in our feet. This shortening of the Achilles tendon is responsible for the large number of women who suffer from heel pain!

To spare us working women from the pain of wearing wrong, uncomfortable shoes, we’ve put together a list of tips you can use the next time you buy some shoes:
• To eliminate foot pain, don't simply pick a pair of shoes because the box says they are your size. Try them on and walk around in them to make sure they’re pain free and not just pretty.
• Did you know that feet can change size and shape over the years? If you haven't had your foot measured in years, measure them now so you can get the right size the next time you buy shoes. Remember to measure both feet because they may vary in size.
• It’s best to buy shoes late in the day when our feet are swollen a bit and may be slightly larger. For shoes to fit properly, there should be a little bit of space between the end of your longest toe and the tip of your shoe when standing up.
• Whatever you do, do not expect a tight pair of shoes to stretch to fit your foot. A pretty shoe is not worth all the foot pain later on.
• When choosing shoes, prefer the open or rounded toes that allow your toes room to wiggle and breathe.
• Finally, how about choosing a pair that’s eco-friendly and has an interesting story? There are many socially responsible shoe companies today and we can’t get enough of them! Buying sustainable shoes is a great way of helping the environment while at the same time improving the quality of life for both consumers and workers.

Be good to your feet by choosing pain-free, ultra comfortable shoes. They’re kinder on your feet!

Posted by CastMedicDesigns on 07/17/13 at 09:41 AM